Flaviu Simihaian

Co-founder and CEO of iMedicare

Flaviu is the CEO and co-founder of iMedicare, a platform that helps pharmacies simplify healthcare for millions of elderly people. Since founding in 2012, iMedicare grew from 0 to 4,300 pharmacy customers and become a profitable startup. iMedicare now has over 30 employees in the United States and in Romania.

Outside of the office, Flaviu has taught AP Computer Science at his high-school, played on the professional tennis tour, and volunteers with the Charlotte University City Rotary Club, of which he is a past-president. As part of the Rotary outreach, Flaviu spearheaded a $40,000 project to equip a computer lab in his hometown of Nasaud, Romania with brand new equipment.

Vlad CiurcaFlaviu Simihaian