Vladimir Oane

Director of Product at Hootsuite

Vladimir co-founded uberVU in 2009. It was among the first all-in-one social media services in the world and it’s ability to highlight insights from billions of conversations happening on many social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc) made it the service of choice for thousands of customers all over the world. The company was acquired by Hootsuite in 2014, and Vladimir is now the Director of Product, in charge of all Analytics products.
He is an amateur chef and bedroom techno DJ. But first of all, Vladimir is a multi-linguist of technology driven businesses. During his career, he wore many hats (product manager, technology chief, marketing person) and led uberVU through various stages of growth: from the early days when the company was just an idea to international expansion.
Vlad CiurcaVladimir Oane